April 20, 2008

Couple of things for today. Elizabeth is now officially 2 months old. She visited the doctor the other day and weighed in at 10lbs 8oz and is 23.5" long. She had her first set of vaccines wednesday (and did not like it 1 bit....). For her 2 month day, she got to go to her first baseball game and see the Twins beat the Indians in 10 innings. Justin Morneau drove in the winning run in the bottom of the 10th. Good fundamental baseball. :) Score was a blistering 2-1. Indians went ahead in the 2nd, Twins tied in the 3rd with a home run. Then everyone was scoreless until the 10th. Baker got 8 strikeouts. It was a good pitching game. Photos from the day are here.

Added some miscellaneous pictures from the past month or so, Eliza meets Jacob, Eliza's First Bath and a few odds and ends are here.

FEBRUARY 25, 2008
  Today is our official due date. It's been a long journey, but definitely worth the wait. Sarah is doing better. Both she and Elizabeth had their checkups today and are doing well. Eliza has ballooned to 8lbs 2oz. So she has regained her birth weight and then some. She is still a touch jaundiced, but is getting better every day. I will be returning to work tomorrow, so I get to see how working and sleep deprivation mix. :) Some more pics are here. I don't really have the time to sort them, but they include Eliza, the cats getting to know her, the cats comforting each other. Also, Tobie & Ronnie sent flowers, and the pics are in this group. I will try to get some portrait shots done this weekend, so please mail for any poses that you may want. Prints can be ordered from smugmug. The latest gallery is here.
FEBRUARY 21, 2008
  Our baby was delivered yesterday at 1:58PM. She weighed 7lbs 11oz. and was 20.5" long. We should be picking out a name for her today. So stay tuned. Pictures are available here.
JANUARY 03, 2008
  People have been asking to see pictures of Sarah's belly. Well, here they are...
NOVEMBER 18, 2007
  We had a follow up visit. The radiologist said everything looked normal on the ultrasounds. Sarah is really showing now and the little one is jumping around.
OCTOBER 03, 2007
Went for the second ultrasound today. Pictures are here. Everything looked ok, as far as we can tell. Results will be sent to the radiologist and they will review. We'll let everyone know how that turns out.
SEPTEMBER 29, 2007  
  We've been feeling the baby move. We're really excited for wednesday. We will be finding out what the baby is (male, female, alien...) Sarah's doing better. Better living through modern chemistry
JULY 11, 2007  
Had our second ultrasound. Everything checks out ok. Pictures are available here. More accurate age reading puts the age at ~7wks 3days. Due date of Feb. 24 2008. Sarah is still experiencing bad morning sickness.
JUNE 22, 2007
  Sarah took a pregnancy test. Results are positive. We had a long weekend waiting to see the doc on Monday. Everything checked out and looks ok. We had our first Ultra sound, not very informative. Showed the Egg Sack. We didn't ask for copies, so no pix. Ultrasound put age ~5wks.